3D Scanning with Digital Photogrammetry

Digital Photogrammetry is the acquisition of 3D reference points using digital cameras (spatial triangulation of images)

Using professional full size image sensor DSLR cameras and industry leading reality capture software we are able to produce highly accurate 3D mesh files (STL) of your subject matter.
A mesh file conversion to solid model service is also available.

Typical service areas:

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Archaeology
  • Historical Reconstruction
  • Geology
  • Game asset creation
  • Film, gaming & animation


Industry Sectors:

  • Product Design Companies
  • Engineering
  • Heritage
  • Preservation
  • Manufacturing

Example scanned images of a Louis XIV side table leg:

Scanned Leg image_4

Scanned Leg image_3

Scanned Leg image_2

Scanned Leg image_1






A detailed view of the mesh file produced is shown below along with a mesh report:
Number of Vertices = 186,000
Number of Faces = 365,000Scanned Leg image_5

Benefits of using Digital Photogrammetry:

  • Technique is non-intrusive
  • Ideal for historical data acquisition
  • A high level of accuracy is achievable
  • Ensures total flexibility with digital data
  • Cost effective compared to other techniques

Whether you need to reverse engineer an existing component for further development and manufacture, or you require a highly detailed photo realistic model please contact us for further details.